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Cryo Shoulder

Our cryo pneumatic brace is indicated for post-op treatment as part of physical therapy or an athletic training program. It helps diminish swelling, decrease pain and reduce the onset of muscle spasms. Expertly developed with comfort and functionality in mind.

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Arm Sling

If you have suffered an injury to your elbow, shoulder or wrist a shoulder arm sling can be used to help prevent movement in you arm and shoulder. Added comfort with plush material and compression ball are all designed to help with stability and recovery.

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Your physician or surgery center has prescribed you an industry leading device that is designed to help prevent a deep vein thrombosis after your surgery. DVT affect over 2 million Americans each year and more Americans die from DVT than breast cancer, AIDS and traffic fatalities combined. It’s coined the Silent killer.

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Aqua Relief Cold Therapy

Your physician prescribed our Aqua Relief System Therapy Pump which combines hot and cold therapy to improve blood circulation and reduce edema/swelling or pain associated with diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, and other joint or muscle discomfort.

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Kahuna Brace

Your physician has prescribed you the Kahuna shoulder brace. It is specifically designed to isolate your shoulder and provide support after your surgery. This will allow your shoulder to heal properly without adding any additional strain.

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Physicians prescribe neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation (NMES) for post-surgical rehab on a regular basis. NMES also has several applications in everyday training, recovery and rehabilitation. After surgery, electric muscle stimulation with the ManaFlexx can provide greater contraction of a muscle compared to a normal voluntary contraction.

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