Pneumatic Walker

Our pneumatic walker boots are designed to increase
stability following trauma or post-operative procedures.

Walk Your Way Back to Recovery

Your physician has prescribed to you our walker boot. It is designed to help support your foot while still in recovery. It helps you be mobile but reduce any re-injury or further complications. Below are instructions on how to use it.


1. Undo Straps

Undo straps on the boot.

2. Place Foot

Place foot in brace with ankle snug to back.

3. Secure Straps

Secure straps on the boot for stability and comfort.

Comfort & Mobility

Plush fabrid for added comfort when mobile.

Pneumatic Pump

Easy to use pump at top of boot for increase comfort.



Adjustable strap for form fitting around the foot.

Dual Air

Dual air chambers for added stability and comfort when mobile.

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