Spring Assisted Crutches

The Spring Assisted Crutches is designed to reduce impact on the wrist
and underarm reducing nerve damage and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Spring Assisted Crutch Reduces Impact

In-Motion Pro Crutches ergonomic design works with you and your body to create a more comfortable crutch that helps you maintain proper posture, relieve damaging stress on your hands and wrists and reduce the overall chance of secondary injury.


1. Adjust to Height

Press and hold spring button. Twist and slide to adjust into place.

2. Place Under Arms

Use height guides to verify length and place under arms.

3. Right & Left Specific

Crutches are right and left specific, hold on to contour grips as shown.

Spring Assisted

Spring assisted technology helps reduce impact for a more comfortable use.

Articulating Tips

Articulating crutch tips that move with you to enhance mobility.


Ergonomic Handles

State of the art design that creates comfort for your hands when applying pressure.

Easy to Store

Folding capability and slim durable design for ease of storage.

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