Post OP Knee Brace

Post operative knee brace is designed for ease of mobility using
our slide tabs for easy adjustments.

Bringing Stability and Mobility Back to you

Your physician has prescribed to you our Post Operative ROM Knee Brace. This brace is designed to allow initial and and essential knee immobilization, followed by conversion to full range motion. Our post op brace features adjustable hinges to help control the knee’s degrees of flexion and extension (knee moving forward and back). The hinges help provide gradual, controlled range of motion as you heal.


1. Undo straps

Undo all strap clasps so the brace is open.

2. Place Leg

Place leg in brace with knee in middle.

3. Strap & Set

Strap clasps, pull to tighten.


Full adjustable tabs and straps suitable for all patients.

Range of Motion

Adjustable tabs for range of motion for additional stability.


Quick Release

Quick release clips for ease of use.

Foam Comfort

Added foam for comfort on the interior of the brace.

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