Manaflexx Neuromuscalar
Electrical Stimulation

Our device is designed for use in the home to treat
muscle atrophy due to lack of use or surgery.

Recovery Using NMES

Physicians prescribe neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation (NMES) for post-surgical rehab on a regular basis. NMES also has several applications in everyday training, recovery and rehabilitation. After surgery, electric muscle stimulation with the ManaFlexx can provide greater contraction of a muscle compared to a normal voluntary contraction. Post-surgical rehabilitation goals are to improve ambulation, muscle re-education, enhance range of motion, develop muscle strength and control pain.


1. Attach Device

Attach device to pad. Remove protective film from adhesive side. Replace after use.

2. Adhere to Area

Adhere to prescribed area.

3. Hold Power Button

Hold power button to turn on session. 20 Minute session will begin. Use buttons to increase/decrease intensity.

Relaxation of Muscles

Muscle stimulation to help relax muscle spasms.

Increase Circulation

Increase local blood stimulation in applicable region placed.



No chords or tubes, completely portable to use.


Adhesive pad is removable and can be replaced for further use.

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