Kahuna Shoulder

The kahuna Brace providers support for shoulder
surgeries in a universal multiple configuration brace.

Enhanced Shoulder Support

Your physician has prescribed you the Kahuna shoulder brace. It is specifically designed to isolate your shoulder and provide support after your surgery. This will allow your shoulder to heal properly without adding any additional strain.


1. Buckle Pillow

Place abduction pillow under affected shoulder and buckle.

2. Place Forearm

Place forearm of affected shoulder in sling. Elbow all the way back.

3. Secure Sling

Use opposite arm to bring strap around your neck. Secure sling with buckle.

Universal Size

Brace can be used on the left or right side, adjusted to fit your body.

Low Profile Design

Non-bulky low profile design for ease of comfort.


Easy To Use

Easy to use at home and place on yourself.

Ball Grip

Optional ball grip to enhance recovery.

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