Our cryo pneumatic shoulder orthosis therapy brace
is designed to relieve pain and swelling after a shoulder
injury or surgery.

Cold Therapy Designed Shoulder Therapy

Your physician has prescribed to you our cryo pneumatic shoulder brace. What that means is you will have cold therapy directly on your shoulder with a hand held pump to increase and decrease pressure. This will help with pain relief, swelling, muscle spasms and overall healing. Below is a breakdown of how to use the brace.


1. Freeze gels

Place gels in freezer. When frozen place back in brace.

2. Put wrap on

Place wrap on shoulder and secure velcro straps.

3. Pump Pressure

Use pneumatic pump to increase pressure and decrease pressure.

Built for Comfort

Custom designed to fit all types of shoulders. Neoprene fabric for added comfort.

Universal use

Can be used on either shoulder with all features and pneumatic pump.


Pain Relief

Targeted cold therapy for increased pain relief and reduced swelling.

Pneumatic pump

Pump to increase pressure for added pain relief.

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