Cryo Ankle

Our cryo ankle is designed with comfort, cold
therapy and functionality combined.

Targeted Cold Therapy for Your Ankle

Your physician prescribed to you our cold therapy ankle brace with compression. It’s designed┬áto wrap around your ankle, apply the cold therapy inserts and use the pump to increase and decrease pressure. This will help with swelling, pain reduction, spasms and increased healing time. Below are instructions on how to use the product.


1. Freeze gel

Place gels in freezer. When ready put one gel back in brace.

2. Put on Ankle

Place brace on injured ankle with heel snug to the back.

3. Pneumatic Compression

Use pump to increase and decrease pressure to reduce pain.

Designed for comfort

Plush fabric for extreme comfort and use.

Cold Therapy

Targeted cold therapy gel to injured area for reduced pain.


Pneumatic Compression

Pneumatic pump to increase and decrease pressure to reduce pain.

Ease of use

Simple, easy to put on product designed with the patient in mind.

Amy Lindhorst
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