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Your physician or surgery center has prescribed you an industry leading device that is designed to help prevent a deep vein thrombosis after your surgery. DVT affect over 2 million Americans each year and more Americans die from DVT than breast cancer, AIDS and traffic fatalities combined. It’s coined the Silent killer.

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Aqua Relief Cold Therapy

Your physician prescribed our Aqua Relief System Therapy Pump which combines hot and cold therapy to improve blood circulation and reduce edema/swelling or pain associated with diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, and other joint or muscle discomfort.

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Physicians prescribe neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation (NMES) for post-surgical rehab on a regular basis. NMES also has several applications in everyday training, recovery and rehabilitation. After surgery, electric muscle stimulation with the ManaFlexx can provide greater contraction of a muscle compared to a normal voluntary contraction.

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Spring Assisted Crutches

In-Motion Pro Crutches ergonomic design works with you and your body to create a more comfortable crutch that helps you maintain proper posture, relieve damaging stress on your hands and wrists and reduce the overall chance of secondary injury.

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